Jan 13, 2024

What is an Active Binder Battler?

Enter the realm of Binder Battles, a competitive space for collectors to showcase their Polymon, fill up binders, and race to the top of the leaderboard.

Disclaimer: Playing on-chain games involves financial risks. Please be aware that all NFTs minted in the course of gameplay may potentially become worthless. Furthermore, there are no guaranteed rewards through playing. Participate with caution and consider your financial situation carefully. Read the extended disclaimer here.

What is Binder Battles?

Binder Battles is a loyalty program for collectors of OG Polymon collections. Examples of OG Polymon collections include:

  • The first ever Polymon collection on Ethereum, available on OpenSea

  • The most traded NFT collection on the BNB chain, available on OpenSea & TofuNFT

  • The Exomon collection on Solana, available on Magic Eden

Within Binder Battles, monsters can be collected within Binders. A monster will automatically be added to a Binder off-chain, provided you are holding the monster and have connected your wallet on the Polychain Monsters website. Points will be assigned to your account based on the completion of binders. The leaderboard ranks players in Binder Battles by their total score.

What is an Active Binder Battler?

An active Binder Battler is a player who has collected at least one monster and earned a score in Binder Battles. Additionally, to become active, the player must stake 111 PMON tokens on Arbitrum One. The activation was sponsored for top collectors who responded to this tweet in March 2024. PMON tokens staked for activating Binder Battles should not be viewed as an investment but solely as a utility for binder activation.