Apr 13, 2024

Tutorial: Setup a Game Wallet

Download the game from battle.pmon.xyz, log in, and fuel up with gas to dive into strategic monster battles on the PMON L3 chain. Start your fully on-chain gaming journey today!

Disclaimer: Playing on-chain games involves financial risks. Please be aware that all NFTs minted in the course of gameplay may potentially become worthless. Furthermore, there are no guaranteed rewards through playing. Participate with caution and consider your financial situation carefully. Read the extended disclaimer here.

Download the Game

If you haven't done so already, download the game from battle.pmon.xyz. When you visit the website, you will be prompted to add the page as an app to your home screen. Log in via email and enjoy the simplicity of having an embedded wallet created through Privy. Once you are logged in, proceed to the next step:

Setup a Game Wallet

After logging in via Privy, a wallet will be automatically created for you. Navigate to your user profile using the bottom navigation bar (right tab). Here, you'll find your address and a dropdown menu to switch chains. By default, the game connects with the PMON L3 chain. Your address will remain the same across all chains. For information on how to fund your wallet on the PMON L3 chain, please refer to this article.

Play on Oasis Sapphire

To play the game on Oasis Sapphire, an amount of ROSE will be required. ROSE will be used to mint monsters within the game and to cover transaction fees (gas). The easiest way to get ROSE on Oasis Sapphire is to bridge from BSC using Celer bridge.