Mar 25, 2024

Polychain Monsters Announces Launch of L3 Network for On-Chain Game

Polychain Monsters is introducing its Layer 3 (L3) network alongside its on-chain game, leveraging $PMON for transactions. This initiative is specifically designed to support the on-chain game, employing advanced technology to offer a seamless and secure experience exclusively within the gaming environment.

Disclaimer: Playing on-chain games involves financial risks. Please be aware that all NFTs minted in the course of gameplay may potentially become worthless. Furthermore, there are no guaranteed rewards through playing. Participate with caution and consider your financial situation carefully.

The L3 Network: Enhancing Blockchain Gaming

The newly launched L3 Network utilizes Arbitrum Orbit technology to provide a dedicated, customizable chain for the Polychain Monsters game. This setup ensures secure gameplay and transparent transactions. By settling on Arbitrum One and incorporating AnyTrust technology, a variant of Arbitrum Nitro, the network achieves significantly reduced gas fees, making the gaming experience faster and more accessible.

The launch was carried out using Altlayer technology, which is a decentralized protocol that enables the deployment of native and restaked rollups with both optimistic and zk-rollup stacks. Altlayer supported Polychain Monsters throughout the process, from the initial gameplays on the testnet to the mainnet launch.

On-Chain Game Features: Introducing Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

Polychain Monsters introduces an engaging, turn-based 2D monster battle game, elevating the on-chain gaming experience. Key features include:

  • Strategic Turn-based Battles: Players use their Polymon teams in strategic battles, aiming for victory by defeating their opponent's monsters.

  • 2D Visuals: The game features high-quality 2D visuals and animations, creating an immersive gaming experience.

  • Embedded Wallet Integration: Through collaboration with Privy, the game offers a streamlined wallet integration for easy onboarding.

  • Progressive Web App: A mobile-optimized gaming experience that utilizes the latest web technologies for optimal performance.

  • Collectibles and Reverse Swap: Players can collect monsters via Non-Fungible Booster Packs, with the option to reverse-swap Polymon to enhance their collection.

About Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters is an enchanting cross-chain realm pulsing with dynamic, gamified collectibles. Here, you’re not merely a collector but a brave adventurer forging bonds with Polymon — your metaverse-ready frens bursting with personality. With stunning designs and lifelike animations, Polychain Monsters bring a whole new dimension to the world of NFTs.

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