Apr 20, 2023

After weeks of hard work, we are back with another community update. What we’ll be covering today:

  • Eggs finally cracked 💎

  • Polychain Monster’s 2-year anniversary 🥳

  • Release of the Summoning Effect NFBs 🌟

  • Polychain Islands Updates & Tournaments 🏝

  • Foray onto all major DEXs 💧

  • AI by Polychain Monsters 🤖

  • Polychain Monsters & Polygon 🤝

  • Improvements of Collector Staking 2.0 🚀

  • Open Metaverse Standard path 🤓

  • Exomon Adventures fix ⚔️

  • $PMON Utility roadmap 🌕

  • Non-fungible pa… 🤫

Eggs finally cracked 💎

We have all been waiting for a long time and now it has finally happened, those Mysterious Eggs Cracked! But what’s inside? By hatching your Mysterious Eggs, you get brand-new Crystal Polymon. Everything you need to know here: 

Polychain Monster’s 2-year anniversary 🥳

We are all on that Polychain Monsters journey now for more than 2 years, time flies (when you are having fun)! Rewatch the live event if you haven’t already: Here.

This 2-year anniversary also brought some nice gifts for the top 100 collectors, a fun #PolymonLove campaign (thank you all very much for your kind words), and of course an amazing Polychain Islands tournament, more on that later. 

Release of the Summoning Effect NFBs 🌟

Summoning Effect NFBs are the new kid on the block. We recently released Summoning Effect NFTs as the first in-game NFTs and the first items in the brand new “Poly Gear” collection. These mysterious in-game NFTs are being distributed through various events, also all Genesis and Personal Island holders will find an NFB on each of their islands. Read more about them: Here.

Polychain Islands Updates & Tournaments 🏝

Polychain Monsters is continuing its efforts to improve the performance of Polychain Islands, with bug-fixing and performance improvements underway. The Alpha Tournament was a resounding success, and the 2-year Anniversary Tournament was a lot of fun. The winner was announced here: Here.

Foray onto all major DEXs 💧

Polychain Monsters is adding liquidity to all major DEXs, including PancakeSwap, Uniswap on BNB, and Uniswap on Polygon to increase visibility and convenience.

AI by Polychain Monsters 🤖

As you already know, we are experimenting with the integration of AI. Read more about that in our latest update on Twitter: Here. And make sure to follow @onchainguy_eth and @etherleif to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments.

Polychain Monsters & Polygon 🤝

We have reactivated our long-term partnership with Polygon and were able to drive more traffic on Polygon Gaming with our awesome community than most other partners! Stay tuned for a nice co-release.

Improvements of Collector Staking 2.0 🚀

We were working on the improvements on the Leaderboards, challenges, and front-end bugs, thanks for continuously providing feedback and stats for balancing.

Open Metaverse Standard path 🤓

Our newest Metaverse expert Sir Lennart has begun researching object standards for an open Metaverse. In fact, we just applied for the Otherside Development Kit. The goal is to make Polychain Monsters easily integratable into all sorts of Metaverses.

Exomon Adventures fix ⚔️

RPC issues were causing problems with unstaking from adventures, but the issue has been resolved, and unstaking is now possible. But still “Why unstake?”...

$PMON Utility roadmap 🌕

As discussed in our Discord server, 2023 is about adding more and more utility to $PMON! The whole team is working on a specific roadmap that will be shared with the community in the upcoming weeks.

Non-fungible pa… 🤫

We are testing something new to onboard more people into our ecosystem. There might be rewards for active collectors involved. Stay tuned for more information.

Join 65,000+ Collectors in the largest NFT ecosystem on Web3.

Join 65,000+ Collectors in the largest NFT ecosystem on Web3.

Join 65,000+ Collectors in the largest NFT ecosystem on Web3.