May 14, 2024

Exploring DN404 with Polychain Monsters and Xai

Polychain Monsters and Xai Games are exploring the use of DN404 (also known as ERC404) in fully on-chain games. The partnership will involve Polychain Monsters deploying their multi-chain Monster Battler on Xai's gaming chain, which is an Arbitrum Orbit-based sister chain of the PMON L3 chain.

About Xai Games

Xai Layer 3 is the next evolution of gaming that focuses on providing players with true ownership of their game assets, ability to be rewarded for their engagement, and unlocking other game features only possible on the Xai gaming network and tech stack.

Xai is next gen gaming: High speed, frictionless, gasless, and cutting edge with unparalleled global reach.

Exploring DN404

The DN404, also known as ERC404, marks a significant evolution in the Ethereum space, blending the characteristics of ERC20 and ERC721 token standards to create a hybrid model. This new standard, pioneered by the NFT collection Pandora on Ethereum, introduces a transformative approach to handling tokens on the blockchain.

Understanding ERC404

ERC404 combines the best of both worlds: the divisibility of ERC20 tokens and the uniqueness of ERC721 tokens. By allowing both fungible and non-fungible characteristics in a single token, ERC404 introduces the concept of fractional ownership of NFTs. This means that users can own portions of an NFT, making high-value digital assets more accessible and tradable, thus enhancing liquidity in the NFT market. This hybrid token facilitates not just ownership but dynamic asset management, where tokens can be minted or burned as fractional shares are traded, reflecting changes directly on the associated NFTs. This functionality not only democratizes access to expensive digital assets but also paves the way for innovative applications in art, real estate, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Image Source: Pandora

Evolution to DN404

Following the initial development of ERC404, a group of experienced Solidity developers recognized the potential to further enhance the standard. Their contributions focused on optimizing the token's gas efficiency and overall performance, leading to the introduction of DN404. This revised standard continues to push the boundaries of how digital assets are managed and traded on blockchain networks, emphasizing the ongoing innovation in the sector .

ERC404 and the subsequent DN404 highlight a growing trend in the blockchain community towards more flexible and sophisticated token standards. These developments not only showcase the technical advancement within the Ethereum ecosystem but also hint at the future possibilities for integrating such technologies into a wider array of digital and real-world applications. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, standards like DN404 will play a pivotal role in shaping the dynamics of digital ownership and asset management.

Unique Possibilities with DN404 in Fully On-Chain Games

As blockchain technologies continue to advance, gaming applications are discovering innovative ways to leverage these developments for richer and more engaging gameplay. A prime example of this innovation is the collaboration between Polychain Monsters and Xai, which aims to explore the unique possibilities that DN404 can bring to a fully on-chain monster battler.

Fractional Battles and Ownership

One intriguing gameplay mechanic that DN404 facilitates is the fractionalization of monsters during battles. For instance, when a monster loses a fight, rather than being lost entirely, it could be fractionally split. Parts of the defeated monster might then be taken as 'hostage' by the victor. This adds a layer of strategy to the game, as players must consider not only the strength and abilities of their monsters but also the potential for losing or gaining monster fractions in each encounter.

Enhancing Monsters through Staking

Another possibility with DN404 is allowing players to boost their monsters by staking fractions of other monsters onto them. This could function similarly to equipment or power-ups in traditional games but with a unique blockchain twist. Players could potentially trade, merge, or enhance their monsters' abilities by strategically combining different monster fractions, leading to highly customized and powerful creatures.

Beyond the Revealed

While these ideas provide a glimpse into the potential applications of DN404 in gaming, the full extent of what Polychain Monsters and Xai are developing remains under wraps. The versatility of DN404 promises a plethora of other innovative mechanics and features that could redefine on-chain gaming dynamics.

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